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Different Types of Handbags in 2023

Different Types of Handbags in 2023

Revealing yourself can either be a simple move or a tough decision, depending on the level of confidence you have. It is you who makes a choice in your style and how you express yourself presentably in any occasion. With that in mind, you would now imagine your planned outfits inside your head, including the clothes you’ll wear, the shoes to put on, and accessories to fit.

Sure, it can be exciting, but have you ever had a hard time thinking which bag would suit your style? Well, if ever you’re in doubt, here is your guide in knowing the different kinds of handbags! See what type of classic handbag fits your liking and preference.

1. Clutch Bag

A small elegant strapless bag for formal occasions. This is the preferred bag for parties, clubs, or any formal setting. Clutch bags are sophisticated subtle bags that are usually made from a rich material to match your dresses. This is also the perfect fit for you if you love easy-to-carry and wallet-like bags for special events.

Clutch bags can also be useful if you don’t want bulky bags to steal the attention. Its delicate look can be enough to carry your personal belongings like lip gloss, purse, and a phone. It also appears with various structures to meet your favorites, either a button-like enveloped bag or a down-sized leather bag.

2. Camera Bag

Looking for a round and handy bag can be hard to find especially when you are not usually familiar with what it’s called. But search no more for you have found the name, which is known as the camera bag that is similar to the rectangular and rigid shape that most cameras have.

This popular bag has an adjustable strap that can reach above and below your waistline. It can also be worn by the side or across your body. Camera bags fit winter-like clothings such as coats, cardigans, and boots. It can also be used for chill occasions like sipping wine with friends without the feeling of carrying something as the long strap holds the bag itself.

3. Tote Bag

Tote bag is an all-around bag that is simple yet would blend with any outfit. This versatile bag is advisable if you need to carry your valuables with a fab. It is normally composed of plain canvas, but there are leather-made and rubber-made tote bags of different sizes too.

This one is perfect for morning strolls, shopping, traveling, and for buying necessities at grocery stores. If you want to be more creative or just simply want to switch things up, you can also use tote bags in schools or universities to carry your things and devices. This type of bag is quite universal considering its versatility.

4. Saddle Bag

From the name itself, this type of bag is inspired by horse saddles. People might confuse this with camera bags, but the only difference is the distinguished saddle curve. Saddlebags have adjustable straps, and embody a shape that has a unique curve and usually a bit smaller.

You can take this bag if you’re feeling chic and wants to wear that country style. This vintage bag is effective for short-time strolls, and can be your everyday companion. It’s like a huge saddle, but it is a bag with medium to long straps.

5. Top Handle Bag

These high-maintenance but elegant bags are usually called “Mom Bags” that most moms use at special events or any simple appointments. Have you ever wondered why? Well, maybe it is because of the luxurious look, sufficient space, easy-to-grab handle, and inner pocket features that most top handle bags have.

Its iconic and traditional design has the shape of a trapeze and is made of abundant leather. A top handle bag usually has a thick width, a short-fixed and adjustable strap that is not too long nor too short for a person. It would be a nice choice if you like bags with class and structure. Plus, you can also style it with scarves.

6. Belt Bag

Finding a bag for Coachella? Well then, you need a bag that would be light to carry, tangle-free in straps, and adaptable to weather conditions… which is a belt bag. Festivals like Coachella, concerts, gigs, or rave parties can be pretty wild, and uncertain movements are unavoidable especially when you get too hyped or carried away.

A belt bag, or sometimes referred to as a “bum bag”, is one of the favorites because of its short strap that tightly grips when worn across your chest or waist. It is a practical bag that people can carry with them even when doing physical activities to create an edgy-chic look. Small enough to carry, but big enough for essentials indeed.

7. Crossbody Bag

The word “cross-body” explains the bag itself. It is a bag worn through hanging it across your shoulders to the chest or to your waist. Rest assured that this type of bag is not overwhelmingly bigger than your body frame too. It can be used for outdoor activities like skating, or in the simple notion of walking your pets.

There are different kinds of cross body bags, but this is usually the common term people use to describe the bag itself. This bag can have small pockets and plenty of space for storing your essentials. It is also the perfect handbag for drinks and bar hopping. Bags of this type can also be necessary if you need another shoulder bag or top handle bag to bring, considering its efficient style.

8. Shoulder Bags

If you love wearing mini bags with mini straps, then a shoulder bag (even if a Louis Vuitton replica – read more about this at is a candidate to be your best friend. Shoulder bags are famous for giving a casual-chic look, or a bag that completes a y2k fashion style that boomed during the 90s to 2000s.  Indeed, another perfect all-day bag for photo shoots, fashion ramps, and aesthetic selfies.

Shoulder bags just simply hang below your underarms rather than weighing down your hips. It’s not a lie when fashion experts say that this bag is widely known for its eloquent style. Although it can serve as your mini bag, more size options can still be bought nowadays for more usage.

9. Bucket Bag

Inspired by the shape of a bucket, bucket bags often display femininity and are mostly spacious when utilized. This is highly suggested if you need a lot of storage for your essentials, and at the same time can give you a classic vibe in your getaway. Also, you can do many things with bucket bags by switching it to become a backpack, a top handle bag, or even a tote bag.

Bucket bags are easy to swing and carry. It also lessens the burden as it automatically balances the weight of your valuables. These cylindrical-shaped bags are recommended for people who love to bring their essentials with a flick of luxury during travels.