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Date Code Checker for Louis Vuitton Bags

Date Code Checker for Louis Vuitton Bags

Serial numbers have been used for decades to certify luxury handbags’ authenticity. Although it may come as a shock to some, Louis Vuitton is one of the few high-end fashion houses that does not employ serial numbers. There are date codes instead. Because they seem so similar, date codes and serial numbers can easily be confused.

However, there is a significant distinction. A date code does not have the same uniqueness as a serial number. Only items created in the same factory by Louis Vuitton can have the same date code. Therefore, the only thing the date code informs you about is the location and date of manufacture.

Let’s begin with some background information. Date codes have been a part of Louis Vuitton products since the early 1980s. Over time, the date coding system has undergone several changes. The date codes on older bags are only numbers, whereas the date codes on modern items have both letters and numbers.

To identify the country of origin, letters are used, while numerals are used to indicate when the object was manufactured. The authenticity of Louis Vuitton handbags and the date codes used to verify their authenticity have been explored in further depth in this article.

What is a Date Code on Louis Vuitton Bags?

Date codes are seen on all recent Louis Vuitton products. A “date code” is used instead of a serial number on Louis Vuitton bags. The purpose of the date codes on Louis Vuitton handbags is to indicate the bag’s production site and date, not to validate its validity. There are letters and numerals in the Louis Vuitton date codes. The letters represent the nation of origin, while the numbers indicate the month and year of the manufacture date. Please be aware that pre-1980 Louis Vuitton goods do not carry date codes, and that the date codes on some older materials may have faded.

Because date codes are not unique serial numbers, numerous goods will have the same date code if they were manufactured in the same Louis Vuitton artisan studio at the same time.

Louis Vuitton may have made 15 Pochette Metis bags in August 2017 (the 34th week) at their studio in France. FL3147 would be printed on a leather tag in the back zipper pocket of all 15 Pochette Metis bags. Using the date code FL, we can determine the week number 34 and the year number 17, respectively, from the code.

Is there a date code on every Louis Vuitton item?

The answer is no. Louis Vuitton began putting date markings on its products in 1982, but they have since ceased. Data chips are now being added to Louis Vuitton products to make it easier to verify the item’s authenticity, repair it, and verify the item’s manufacturing date. There are a variety of reasons why a date code or chip could be missing from an item. For example, on some older products (mostly those with Alcantara linings), the date code may be faded or missing entirely. Using the bag a lot can cause this. There will not be a date code on things created before 1982 either

How Do You Ensure That a Louis Vuitton Bag Is Genuine?

The authenticity of any Louis Vuitton product can be verified by looking at the date code, although this is not a surefire way to tell if a bag is genuine or not. Each bag does not have a specific date code, although many fakes have (read our in-depth guide on Louis Vuitton Replicas).

If you are unsure, it is best to involve a professional to acquire the answers you need. The authenticity of your Louis Vuitton is not guaranteed by our website. Check the bag’s authenticity with a verification service, which looks at many distinct aspects.

Louis Vuitton Date and Country Codes Decoded

The serial number of a Louis Vuitton bag tells you when and where it was created. Authenticity is not guaranteed by date codes because they are not unique to each bag and might be faked. In fact, they are a great approach to discovering the bag’s origins.

There are usually two letters followed by four numbers in the date code for instance (AR1108). The first and third digits on the serial number identify the week in which your bag was manufactured, in this case, the tenth week. The second and fourth digits indicate the year, which in this case is 2018 (18). As can be seen, this bag was created in France during the tenth week of the year 2018.

How to Figure Out the Louis Vuitton Date Code

The date code is usually sewed into the interior of the bag along a seam and is usually stamped onto a leather tab. The color of the leather tabs on the bag should match the remainder of the bag’s leather hue. There are some bags where the date code can be found in the same place, but not all of them.

  • On a leather tab sewn into the border of a pocket inside
  • An internal leather tab that is fastened to a D-ring on the bottom of the tab.
  • On the inside of a pocket, either horizontal or vertical, on the lining of the piece
  • On Speedy and Neverfull bags, there is a little pocket on the bottom of the bag.

When lining a bag with Alcantara, a soft, microsuede, the date code will be stamped right into the lining. As time goes on, the code can become almost unreadable to the human eye in many circumstances.

Small leather goods such as wallets and purses are imprinted with a date code inside, commonly in the billfold or slip pocket.

Why Is It So Important To Use Date Codes To Verify A Louis Vuitton?

What do the date codes on a Louis Vuitton item have to do with its authenticity? Our first step in authenticating a Louis Vuitton piece is to read the date code. The bag’s history can be traced back to a date code. The information date code will be the lens through which we view everything moving forward. Is it in the correct font style? What year does the bag date from? When should this be done? Is there a correlation between the Louis Vuitton “Made In” date code and the “Made In” heat stamp? Whether or not that bag was ever made in that country is unknown. Is the bag made in the same manner as the previous year?

A date code on a Louis Vuitton item does not guarantee its authenticity automatically. The date codes on a lot of fakes are identical to the real ones. However, date codes are only one part of an authenticated product’s overall integrity. There are numerous ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton piece is genuine. To be considered authentic, a product must pass a stringent inspection in which every aspect, from the font and size to the stamps and hardware to the authenticity stamps themselves to the overall workmanship and materials are examined and found to be consistent with the manufacturer’s standards of quality.

How to Decipher Your Louis Vuitton Bag’s Date Code

In most Louis Vuitton date codes, two letters and four numbers are used to represent the year and month. The letters identify the country of origin, while the numbers identify the date of manufacture. Numerous changes have been made to the letters and numerals used over the years.

Before 1982, date codes were not used.

From early 1980s until mid-1982

Louis Vuitton began utilizing 3- or 4-digit identifiers to denote the year and month of the item’s manufacturing. The first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two indicate the month.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s

Letters were added to the date codes of Louis Vuitton in the mid-80s. These letters corresponded to the factory where the item was manufactured. The first two digits indicate year and month. There are two letters after that, denoting the country where the product was manufactured.

As recently as 2006

In the 1990s, the date-coding scheme was once again revised. Two letters and four numbers are all that are needed to make these codes. Because of this change, the country’s letters were shifted to the beginning of the code. Specifically, the first and third digits indicate the month and year, respectively, and the second and fourth digits are indicative of the date of manufacture.

From February 2007 through February 2020

Changes were made in 2007 to the four-digit numbering system. The date code now denotes the week in which an item is made, rather than the month. A two-digit country code is followed by four numbers, which denote the total number of codes. One indicates the week, the other two indicate the year.

2021 – Present Day

All Louis Vuitton bags and leather goods will be equipped with a microchip by March 2021. In the past, the date code is. You can’t even see the chip in the bag. The microchip’s primary purpose is to combat the counterfeit industry. The chip identifies the nation and date of manufacture of the bag. With the chip, you’ll also get other information, such as how long it was since it was sold and the location where it was sold. Only the personnel of Louis Vuitton can read the RFID microchip. We may be able to do this on our own someday.

It is best to purchase an authentic rather than a fake Louis Vuitton bag.

When purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag, it is essential to conduct thorough research to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic piece. When it comes to investing, we believe that original things are better than counterfeits. Fake goods help fund illegal activities like criminal gangs, drug use, or child trafficking. We encourage you to save hard and reap the benefits of your efforts when you finally get your hands on the luxury bag of your dreams. For a more cheap option, you may want to consider purchasing a secondhand bag. There may also be simple payment plans, such as PayPal credit if you need them. In addition, keep an eye out for these additional points:

  • Counterfeit goods are usually of poor quality, in terms of workmanship and materials.
  • It is against the law to sell counterfeit goods. Because these items cannot be sold, their worth is zero.
  • Trying to sell a fake item is against the law, and you could be held liable.
  • Buying a counterfeit designer bag may help fund illegal activities.
  • Bad reproductions of luxury handbags are much more obvious to a skilled eye, so it’s easy to recognize a fake.

Why you should purchase an original Louis Vuitton?

  • You are getting the world’s finest craftsmanship and materials.
  • It is possible to resell your original handbag. If your bag is in good condition, you can usually recoup some of the initial cost.

Note: Always store your luxury handbag’s documentation, including authenticity cards and receipts, safely and securely.

  • You will not encourage criminal activities.
  • You’ll be able to carry your designer bag with confidence knowing it’s authentic.

In Conclusion

Always check the ‘made in’ tag and the date code on your Louis Vuitton bag. You should still have your luggage authenticated if you have any doubts about its authenticity.

The best approach to ensure the authenticity of your handbag is to buy from a well-known reseller or hire an authentication agency that will have experts check it out and give their professional opinion.